Electric Hire Boats

Miniport Electric Ships - Boat details

Miniport electric hire boats are reliable, durable and superbly designed for a hassle free and profitable boat hire businesses.

Available with a range of different motors & battery configurations tailored to suit your environment, the miniport ships range are capable of running for up to 10 hrs on a single overnight charge, meaning no down time for charging during the working day

MES are virtually maintenance free, built with ease of hire & simple operational use as their driving factors delivering long term, trouble free boat hire, suitable for both small scale & larger water environments

Below are some key features that ensure MPES are the preferred choice for the Hire boat market

"Our boats look better, work better, and last better"



Contact us to arrange a visit, or a demonstration at one of the currently operational sites located throughout the UK, run by various independent business's using our range of  Miniport Electric Ships


Please see below for a list outlining MPES general colour & mouldings options

Mini Port options matrix

Pdf download of miniport boat options 2021