Electric Hire Boat Sites

Our two ‘home Miniports’ electric hire boat sites are in the UK in Portsmouth, at Gunwharf Quays and in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.  Between them they deliver over 11,000 voyages a year, even in a wet year.

Gunwharf Quays Miniport started in 2011, and the Historic Dockyard a year later. We designed our own hire boats because we could find nothing else which would look great and operate on a very small piece of water in high winds.  We have become small pond specialists, for many years running 6 ships on a windy piece of water about 70 m by 30 m!

Our electric boats have a huge impact where boats for boat hire would not normally work: they enhance an urban dock, canal basin, or flooded dry dock, having a visual impact which makes an otherwise drab location really attractive - profitable boat hire is the result.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Mast pond  is a good example of a static display which attracted little attention after years of decay, now being turned into a vibrant electric boat hire business.