Electric Hire Boat Sites

Miniport Electric Ships Ltd have provided hire themed hire boats to many locations throughout the UK

Gun wharf Quays Miniport hire centre started in 2011. Miniport Electric Ships Ltd designed hire boats specifically for this location as there was no suitable craft available which would look great and operate on a very small piece of water in high winds. Miniport Electric Ships Ltd have become small pond specialists & can advise on site set up, health & safety & operation

Our electric boats have a huge impact where boats for boat hire would not normally work: they enhance an urban dock, canal basin, or flooded dry dock, having a visual impact which makes an otherwise drab location really attractive - profitable boat hire is the result.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Mast pond  is a good example of a static display which attracted little attention after years of decay, now being turned into a vibrant electric boat hire business.